Product Care

Caring for your Eda bag

Eda bags are made of exotic skins and as such require special attention when it comes to cleaning. A python bag for example cannot be treated with the same products as bags made from conventional leathers. Exotic skins require gentle and infrequent cleaning to ensure they remain in good condition for many years.

Cleaning tips:

  • Lay the handbag flat with nothing inside.

  • Dampen cloth with warm water.

  • Wipe down in the direction of the scales to get rid of any surface dirt.

  • Pat the handbag dry gently with a dry cloth.

  • Use a cotton wool bud to remove any dirt that remains under individual scales.

  • Dry the handbag naturally in a cool dark place. Do not use any heat or sunlight.

  • Always store your handbag in your Eda dust bag away from sunlight.

Product Care