Leather that is coloured all the way through with a transparent dye by immersing it in a dye bath, resulting in a transparent finish that shows the natural markings of the leather. As such, only the best quality hides are used.


Leather that is dyed with one colour over another (usually darker over lighter) to create a richer, artificially aged look. This is also called distressed leather.


A term used for an item or service that is specially made to order. When commissioned, Eda London works with customers to create a unique design that uses specific materials and colours to meet their individual tastes and requirements.

Buffed leather

Leather from which the top surface has been removed by abrasion. This is also known as Suede or Nubuc.

Clutch bag

A woman's purse that is strapless and carried in the hand.

Embossed leather

Leather that looks like it has been "stamped" with a design or artificial texture under very high pressure.

Exotic skin

Skins of unusual animals such as alligator, lizard, and snake. Eda London only uses skins that are by products and have been removed without harming the animal.


Any enhancing effect applied to leather after it has been tanned. Examples are dyeing, embossing, buffing, antiquing, waxing, waterproofing, and so on.

Full grain leather

Leather which has not been altered beyond hair removal. Full grain leather is the most genuine type of leather, as it retains all of the original texture and markings of the original hide.

Glazed leather

Aniline-dyed leather that has been polished to produce a high sheen by passing it through rollers under great pressure.


This describes the natural characteristics of an unprocessed hide, including aspects such as its markings, pores, wrinkles and texture.

Lamb Napa

This full grain leather is typically dyed and made from unsplit kid/lamb/sheep skin by tanning

Shoulder bag

A large handbag that can be carried by a strap looped over the shoulder

Split Leather

This is made from the lower (inner, flesh) layers of a hide that have been removed from the upper layers. Split leather is more fragile to handle than side or full grain leather and is typically used in the form of suede.


Split leather that has been buffed and brushed to create a surface with a furry feel.

Tote bag

This is a large handbag useful for all occasions, such as work or shopping.

Wristlet bag

As the name suggests, this small bag has a strap to make it easier to carry on your wrist or attach to a bigger bag. Often, you can remove the strap, converting it into a clutch bag.